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Luxury wig company Lu’s Wigs was created with the express goal of helping women to feel more like themselves again after experiencing hair loss. The company specializes in designing, creating, and coloring stylish human hair wigs and toppers for women.

After Androgenic alopecia caused hair loss at age 14, Lu’s Wigs founder Lin Marsh discovered the value of wigs and toppers. However finding wigs and toppers that fit well and feel authentic is a common struggle. A well fitting well-made wig has the potential to change the life of someone struggling with hair loss, it may help to restore confidence repair body image and improve self-esteem. Experiencing hair loss at such a young age and struggling to find options that were trendy and stylish drove our founder Lin to start Lu’s Wigs.

The business aims to provide authentic wigs with salon quality color to help women feel like themselves again after experiencing hair loss. She believes that her own experience with hair loss helps her to truly connect with her clients to understand their struggles and needs.