Shopping Guide

Q: What is the difference between a silk top wig and a lace top wig?

A: A silk top wig features a silk top which gives a natural scalp like appearance. Silk top wigs tend to fall more in the face when compared to lace top wigs. Silk top wigs are typically heavier and less fragile. These wigs are our favorites for bangs! They may or may not have a lace front (check the individual listing)

A lace top wig is lighter in weight but more fragile and prone to shedding especially with bleached knots. The top of these are lace and are cooler when wearing in comparison to silk top wigs. These do always feature a lace front.

Q: What is the difference between a wig and a topper?

A: A topper is meant to cover a portion of thinning hair by clipping into your existing hair. Your bio hair that remains uncovered by the topper will blend in with the topper hair to create an overall fuller look. 

A Wig is meant to cover your entire head. A wig may have clips but with a proper fit they aren’t required to use. Your hair does not have to be blended out. Our caps are fitted and require no adhesive with a proper fit. 

Q: What is the difference in a silk top topper and a lace top topper?

A: A Lace top topper is a good choice for those who may not have a thick front hairline to blend out, the lace front may require adhesives to lay taut. A lace top topper is lighter then a silk top wig. It is also more fragile. The parting area in these is lace.

A silk top topper without lace front will require you to blend your front hairline in front of the topper for the most natural look. These toppers tend to feel heavier then the lace top version. 

Q: What is the difference between the luxury cap and the non-luxury caps?

A: Our non-luxury caps still have upgrades to make them comfortable such as velvet at the ears and a soft cotton at the nape. The luxury caps are upgraded to be even softer in the inside featuring high quality cotton in more places and typically are excluding clips and have instead a silicone material at the ears instead to give you a grip without the clip.