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Beginners guide for wigs and toppers

Beginners guide for wigs and toppers

With so many different kinds wigs available from many different companies it can be pretty confusing.

Lace front wigs- These can have different caps either hand tied or wefted but the lace front is best for people who can't or do not want to blend their bio hair out the front. This style of wig typically requires no adhesive. This would be a good choice for a beginner

Full lace wigs- These can be made glueless with clips/combs/elastic band but are usually going to require adhesives, they are fully hand tied and lighter weight then wefted wigs. Since they usually require adhesive they can be hard for a beginner

Non-lace front wigs- These can be hand tied or wefted, this is best worn when the wearer has some hair to blend out of the front to give it a really natural look! This style of wig is great for a beginner.

Synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs have their own advantages and disadvantages that can make them each an ideal choice at different times.

Lu's only works with human hair and the advantage of human hair wigs is they provide the most natural feel, movement, look and they can be easily customized for your personal taste.

Although they are the more expensive then synthetic, they are also more durable, especially if properly cared for.

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