Lu’s Wigs Caps

Lace Top Wig Cap: 

This cap will typically feature velvet lined ear tabs (may have clips at this area, you’ll want to check the individual listing photos) with a high quality cotton at the nape to keep both areas soft and comfortable against the skin. The parting area at the top is lace. We chose cotton at the nape over velvet to keep it cooler. 

Lace Top Luxury Cap:

This cap will typically feature a silicone material at the ear tab area and will not have clips. The cap has a soft quality cotton in much of the interior providing extreme comfort. The parting area at the top is lace. As with all caps we do sometimes make exceptions so always check the listing for details.


Lace Top Topper:

This cap will features a lace top. It will have clips for clipping into bio hair. The amount of clips as well as placement may change based on size but you can find cap photos on individual listings. Larger topper caps may feature an adjustable strap. Some topper caps may have a comb. As always we suggest checking the individual listing for cap photos as there are variations with this cap.